Melbourne Dining



    Food and Melbourne almost come hand in hand. It is almost impossible to walk down a street in Melbourne without finding something incredible to eat.

    The fantastic thing about Melbourne and it's dining, is the multi-cultural flavors that can be found strewn throughout the city.

    Melbourne is proud to be home to a diverse range of cultural differences that path the way for some of the countries finest dining.

    The other fantastic thing is the great range in prices for your dining choices. Everything from a cheap eats down in China Town, to 5-Star Restaurants lining South Bank on the Yarra River.

    There are markets happening almost every day of the week that provide the freshest in produce if you prefer to cook. Victoria Market is a must for those who are looking for the right ingredients for their evening meal.

    Whether it is Italian on Lygon Street. Asian cuisine down on Victoria Street or maybe breakfast in one of many cafe's lining the city's incredibly funky Degreaves Lane. Melbourne can most definitely make your taste buds, very happy!

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