Juneau Dining

    Juneau's restaurants give new meaning to the term "fresh catch"

    There's a lot of good food here - really good food. To experience the city's local flavor, your best bet is seafood. Salmon, halibut and crab are the trifecta of Alaska's seafood treasures. Pop into a downtown restaurant to devour the day's fresh catch (brought in from docks just blocks away) or head out to a remote lodge outside of Juneau proper for a scrumptious salmon bake feast.

    If you like a little history with your lunch, Juneau restaurants are some of the oldest in Alaska. Try the historic Gold Room in the Westmark Baranof Hotel, which has been serving fine meals since the 1930s. You can get a great breakfast, lunch, or coffee at Silverbow, which is also the state's oldest operating bakery. They still use their original sourdough starter (more than 100 years old) and were the first traditional bagel maker in Alaska where bagels are boiled and then baked in a revolving tray oven.

    The locals like their beverages, too! Juneau is home to Heritage Coffee, an international award-winning roaster, and the Alaskan Brewing Company, one of America's most decorated craft breweries.




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